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Beyond the Scan: Developing Trust in Your Body and Reducing Reliance on MRI

Beyond the Scan: Developing Trust in Your Body and Reducing Reliance on MRI

Discover the shocking truth behind the unreliable and overused world of MRI technology as Jennifer Schwartz and Angela DalMolin challenge conventional wisdom, delve into the pitfalls of scans, and empower listeners to trust their bodies and make informed decisions about their health.  They also share trivia and interesting facts about MRIs, including how they work and their magnetic strength. The hosts emphasize the need for informed consent and caution against overuse and misinterpretation of MRI results. They provide insights from studies that question the accuracy and effectiveness of MRIs in diagnosing and treating certain conditions, such as hip pain and degenerative disc disease.

Topics discussed:

  • The importance of trust in the body and healing methods
  • How MRI’s work
  • Consider the importance of establishing trust and confidence in your own body.
  • Connections between pain perception and the brain
  • Pitfalls and limitations of MRI interpretations
  • Why Lumbar Fusion Surgery for chronic low back pain is not the best for functional outcomes

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