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Think Fit. Be Fit. Network Shows

Think Fit. Be Fit. Network Shows

Our current offering consists of FOUR shows that will help bring your limitless human potential within reach.

We are using the platform to inspire the principles of resiliency, critical thinking and actualizing body potential.
This ongoing conversation about the nuances of training will help trainers, coaches and fitness lovers connect deeper to their exercise and the process of exercise science.
We want to partner with our audience with questions and conversations that provoke outside of the box thinking and into the undertones of your exercise.

Think Fit. Be Fit. Podcast

Hosted by Jennifer Schwartz Think Fit. Be Fit. podcast is dedicated to optimizing exercise by addressing how we think and perceive exercise.  

Think Fit. Be Fit. was created out of inspiration to look at the body and really witness how our beliefs shape the outcome of our physical reality. Jennifer Schwartz sought out to create an ongoing conversation and educational lighthouse for coaches and trainers. Each of her guests on the podcast are also largely motivated by a frustration with aspects of the fitness industry - an industry that seems to be stuck on caring largely about trends, plug-and-chug fitness advice from occasionally vapid view points. Jennifer has dedicated her voice, education and experience to change that and offers listeners a journey to self discovery, pain free movement and rehabilitation, and thinking of fitness in a new way that simultaneously dives deep and keeps things fun and fresh.
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Fitness For Consumption

Fitness For Consumption

Let’s face it, when it comes to fitness, there’s no shortage of opinions, advice, conventional wisdom, or do’s and don'ts.  So, what really works?  The truth is, everything works and nothing works.  It all depends on how you look at it. What can you expect to gain from listening?   Tangible ways to improve your fitness so YOU can develop your own fitness ecosystem.  

Learn to think more critically about what people are telling you about fitness. You'll be able to sort through it all and think about it more clearly. Taking on subjects that are used and abused daily in fitness pop culture at the PhD level and making it more savory and simple for consumption.

Noted kinesiologist, Dr. Paul Juris, and motor learning and clinical specialist Gregory Gordon share more than 50 years of collective knowledge and experience, offering a human movement point of view on all things fitness.  Through their scientifically practical and common sense approach, they’ll cut through trends, orthodoxy and pseudo-science, to help you understand not only WHAT to do, but, more importantly, WHY you’re doing it in the first place.

In each episode, they’ll bring their own unique perspective on wellness and performance, and empower you to ask better questions, think more critically and take better control of your personal health and wellness. It’s a mental supercharge to add to your fitness approach.

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Peach Pit Fitness

This inquisitive new show promotes agile decision making in the crowded fitness media platforms.  We use the concepts from Fitness Influencers to iron out what could actually work for us.

In each episode Jennifer and Meredith Mack will dive into fitness buzzwords, workout trends or exercise through 2 segments: current trend critique and best of the 90’s fitness.  Jenn and Meredith will be your guides in a new commentary on how fitness shapes our lives with our knowledge of and experience in exercise mechanics, strength training for women, anatomy, injury and how the body adapts.

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Impact Your Fitness podcast

The Impact Your Fitness podcast, a proud member of the "Think Fit. Be Fit." network. Join your host, Jennifer Schwartz—a neuromuscular specialist, podcast founder, and business owner— as she shares her passion and expertise in exercise, wellness, and self-development.

In every episode, Jennifer engages in concise 20 minutes discussions, diving deep into exercise's impact on our bodies, as seen through scientific perspectives. She covers a variety of subjects, including exercise physiology, sports injury, strength training, and more.

Say goodbye to endless online searching and flimsy information from self-proclaimed gurus. The Impact Your Fitness podcast delivers excitement and enthusiasm for your fitness and personal growth.

Discover Impact Your Fitness today and seize control of your health journey!