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Boutique Fitness - Strength Training Guide part 2

Welcome to the second Boutique Fitness Guide on Think Fit. Be Fit. Podcast!

We love the idea of boutique fitness for the greater good of our collective fitness and for creating valuable health assets.  A sense of belonging and managing a healthy lifestyle are what Boutique Fitness studios offer that the bigger gyms are striving to copy and why we keep going back.  

Even though some studios are getting $300 a month from their clients, the quality is not styled to accommodate all the injuries lying beneath the surface of those of us exercising with old injuries. The reality is we need a critical view and legit injury prevention advice before committing to what seems to be the most popular classes.

 What is critical review of exercise?  Most exercise or class reviews are focused on what sells.  I have nothing to gain by sharing my views on these classes except to show you that your body deserves an individualized approach to improving your exercise.  My belief is that with applicable basic science knowledge we can make these types of decisions about fitness classes.  

With this episode you will learn about boxing and mega-reformer boutique classes:

  • Why fatigue after cardio is more than just unconditioned muscles
  • A discussion on all the variations of the boxing craze.
  • Format of a big up and comer in Boutique Fitness: mega-reformer class
  • What signs of bad form that you should be paying attention to

Links of interest:

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Purchase the Movement Pathways class:The mission of Movement Pathways is to teach self-administered movement assessments so that any exercise choice has a built in system for knowing if it’s ‘good for you’.

The first part of the Boutique Fitness guide

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Fitness boxing and aging brains

Exercise and adrenal fatigue out Meredith at