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Box Jumps: Are they functional or just for fun?

Box Jumps: Are they functional or just for fun?

Box Jumps seem quite simple, face the box and smoothly launch yourself on top of it.

Since these jumps are deemed 'full body exercises', Fitness Influencers and experienced trainers alike use them in various ways.  The claims for using them range from ‘functional strength’ to explosive strength to blasting fat.  Jenn and Meredith Mack take a step into the textbooks and mechanics to look at the origin of this exercise and examine its use across the wide span of industry recommendations.

Are the jumps worth the potential cuts and bumps? Of course in most fitness circles, you’ll hear- ! Box Jumps ! have so! many benefits!

Before you jump in, on or down, check out this episode because Peach Pit takes a critical look at this popular exercise.

Be sure to tell us what you think about our new term #AppropriatelyPumpy and if it applies to your box jumps.


Are box jumps as sensational as their hype?

Box jumps, Jump training and plyometrics: what are they? Is one better than the other?

Classical view on box jumps from strength & conditioning

Goals, sport specific training and conditioning

NSCA recommendations

Get ready to be inspired by perspective and industry wisdom on exercise trends, past and present!

Your hostesses can be found at:

Jennifer Schwartz



Meredith Mack



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