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Callen McGibbon on REPerformance and Athletic Development

Callen McGibbon on REPerformance and Athletic Development

In the season premiere episode of Think Fit Be Fit, Jenn talks with Callen McGibbon, strength coach and Co-Founder of REPerformance, a program that helps teachers build cohesive Phys Ed departments in schools. Callen founded REPerformance in 2019 out of a need for change in the current Physical Education system and resources for young athletes that provide long-term pathways for healthy habits. Callen talks about the impact of physical activity on an individual’s state-of-mind.

Callen McGibbon, also discusses the important act of enabling parents to teach physical literacy to their children and how the future of a person’s physical health begins with engagement at a young age.

Topics discussed:

  • Callen’s professional journey
  • Education based approaches to fitness
  • REPerformance
  • The relationship between fitness and mood
  • Teaching physical literacy as a parent
  • Quantifying the impacts of physical activity
  • How to support REPerformance

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