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Christine Coen on Authentic Recovery

Christine Coen on Authentic Recovery

In this episode of Think Fit Be Fit, Jenn talks with Christine Coen, Mental Health Dietitian, Binge Eating Coach, and Founder of The Warrior Team Workouts. After experiencing severe burnout in her life Christine began a journey toward recovery that allowed her to learn how to teach her body how to feel safe day-to-day. Christine and Jenn talk about the importance of looking internally to understand why and when our bodies are dysregulated.

Christine also shares how she is helping others experience restoration and peace in their body and mind, through nutrition, coaching and counseling and her desire to use social media as a place to empower others.

Topics discussed:

  • Mental health and physical dysregulation
  • Finding love and nourishment outside of food
  • Inner work vs. outer work
  • Recovery isn’t just about cortisol reduction
  • HPA axis
  • Breathwork

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