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Cultivating Community and Expanding with Jane Bannehman

Now more than ever we are reflecting on community and depending on one another.  This interdependency makes us fundamentally human. While we are deeply entrenched in the culture of productivity it is hard to recognize the importance of community and the one-ness of good health.  This episode is a conversation about building a community with the goal of human expansion and taking calm, conscious action.  

Today’s episode features Jane Bannehman founder and president of Nectar Yoga.  It was such an honor and a pleasure to sit down with her.  

She is an entrepreneur, consultant and coach.  Her yoga studios in Northern Virginia serve up a a wide variety of classes including teacher trainings, hot yoga, vinyasa flow and vet yoga.  They strive to bring together community and yoga without an attitude.

Her resume includes roles in wellness leadership and serving on national advisory boards for the American Council of Exercise and American Fitness Studios and time at Georgetown University and university VA, managing campus wellness programs and facilities

At the core of this conversation is spiritual growth and business leadership.  We are here for transformations, abundance and leadership.  The virus and factory noise of fear hasn’t changed this, this episode was recorded on 2/18/20.

  • Measuring the connectivity of your community
  • The cultivation of community in health
  • At Jane’s studios: Yoga program for First Responders, Military, Veterans & Military spouses
  • The scope of yoga and healing trauma
  • Healing the subtle and physical body of our beings
  • Jenn’s history with yoga and trauma

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