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From Fear to Strength: Overcoming the Invisible Lat Syndrome for Effective Back Training

From Fear to Strength: Overcoming the Invisible Lat Syndrome for Effective Back Training

In this episode of Peach Pit Fitness, Meredith and Jennifer discuss back training and what back exercises look like in day to day gym operations today. They talk about strength training habits, why many people struggle to connect with training certain body parts and how understanding the direction one wants to go in, but being flexible in the methods used to get there is key in strength training. They also take a look at Cindy Crawford’s 1992 three-part workout video for this week’s 90’s icon.  

Cindy Crawford's 1992 Workout Video and Resistance Training

Topics discussed:

  • Upper body training and learning to be appropriately uncomfortable
  • Back training: execution, aesthetic look, and the internet
  • Exercise progression and stabilization techniques
  • The control factor in back training
  • Patience in the pursuit of our fitness goals

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