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Get Buzzed Up: How Electricity, Movement, and Sound Support Injury Recovery

Get Buzzed Up: How Electricity, Movement, and Sound Support Injury Recovery

This week on the Think Fit Be Fit podcast, Jennifer Schwartz and Angela DalMolin take a deep dive into the intimate narrative of injury recovery, utilizing groundbreaking techniques, and fostering a healing environment through the power of bioelectricity. They share personal anecdotes and the philosophy behind Think Fit Be Fit's holistic approach to fitness. Jenn and Angela also discuss the concept of the body being electric and explore various daily practices that foster joint health, muscle optimization, and, ultimately, vitality. Listen this week as Jenn and Angela how harmonizing physical practices with emotional well-being can boost overall vitality.

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Topics discussed:

  • Cartilage, bone, and ligament healing are possible through proper care and maintaining a high level of body voltage.
  • Daily practices such as grounding, movement, and singing positively influence the body's electricity and overall health.
  • Metaplasticity and the openness to change dramatically enhance the body's healing process.
  • Maintaining a healthy emotional state can increase vitality and the ability to overcome attachment to suffering.
  • Incorporation of bioelectric-focused therapies and equipment plays a pivotal role in accelerating recovery and nurturing vitality.


Jennifer Schwartz:

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