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Naturopathic and Fitness Leader Dr Anthony Balduzzi on Integrating Cellular Health and Fitness for Life

Naturopathic and Fitness Leader Dr Anthony Balduzzi on Integrating Cellular Health and Fitness for Life

This week on the Think Fit Be Fit podcast, Jennifer Schwartz and Angela DalMolin talk to Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, a naturopathic physician, about the connection between the body's electrical nature and overall health. He shares his journey of healing and how it led him to become a naturopathic physician and fitness leader. Dr. Balduzzi discusses the need to integrate health into all aspects of life and find motivation in our core values. He also explores the relationship between emotional trauma and autoimmune conditions, highlighting the need for holistic healing approaches. Dr. Balduzzi also discusses the role of technology in health and recommends incorporating grounding and mineral supplementation into daily routines.  

Topics discussed:

  • Integrating health into all aspects of life is essential for overall well-being.
  • Emotional trauma can contribute to autoimmune conditions and should be addressed in the healing process.
  • Understanding one's core values can provide motivation for making positive changes in health.
  • Communicating the connection between emotional states and cellular function can help rational-minded individuals understand the importance of holistic healing.
  • Grounding and mineral supplementation can support the body's electrical nature and promote optimal health.

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