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Our most popular episodes January- June 2020

Our most popular episodes January- June 2020

As we start the second half of 2020, we have seen our community grow tremendously and we thank you for your support!

If you are a long time listener and are looking for ways to help us grow, we’re grateful for you! Here’s a few ideas:

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Listen to the full episodes here:

Functional Nutrition, Sports Nutrition and Female Leadership with Jaclyn Sklaver of Athleats Nutrition

January 8, 2020

There’s no better person to help us see the big picture about nutrition and the real work of a busy client defined nutrition practice than Jaclyn Sklaver MS, CNS, LDN, CDN Board Certified & License.

She even tells us about working with NFL players and why she uses nootropics.

The Core of the Core with Noelle Ekonomou, DPT

May 6, 2020

The automatic motions of our body are rarely thought of in terms of chronic pain and performance.  This episode is about an important topic that bridges some key factors of chronic pain for her patients; the diaphragm, breathing and the pelvic floor.

This is a great episode for our studio clients with a history of back and shoulder pain!

Ben Dragavon: Next Level High Performance Training

June 15, 2020

Ben Dragavon discusses client defined progress and high performance athletics.  He has a unique blend of experience and an impressive resume.  This includes a member of the coaching staff for US Youth Soccer, collegiate men & women, USWNT.  He is a former MLS goalkeeper and currently serves as a muscle and joint specialist in Bellevue Washington.  

We take a trip through his career and multiple nuances in high performance athletics.  For example, Ben shares his experience in feeling defeated as an MLS goalkeeper to training Olympic athletes like Hope Solo.

Paul Juris Ed. D. Independent Thinking and the Core

May 20, 2020

How can we set ourselves up for learning so that we can self-lead and empower our health?  Independent thinking is the answer.  

Dr. Juris sums it up so well in this episode.   At TFBF podcast we believe that independent thinking is one of the best things to be grounded in your wellness and fitness journey.

The Updated Definition of Pain with Jen DeLorenzo PT.

April 15, 2020

Jen DeLorenzo is an independent Physical Therapist in Alexandria Virginia.  She works alongside some revolutionary Pain Science leaders and . This is worth your time. In my opinion, changing your old definition of pain could be life saving information. ⁣

Check it out here:

She has recently co-authored a new paper on Middle Schoolers using Pain Science to prevent the use of pain medicine in the future with Adriaan Louw.  

Gregory Gordon MA discusses Motor Learning and Skill Acquisition

April 1, 2020

This episode is a fun dive in to the inner workings of an intellectual connection to exercise

If you are a personal trainer, this episode will directly influence your view on the body and what is actually important when it comes to overall fitness from a brain and motor learning perspective.

If you are an exercise lover, this episode has information for programming your workouts for accessing all types of muscle fibers.

If you are in athletic coaching, you’ll love how this content explains