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Parasite Cleanses and The Energetics of Healing with Courtney Otten

Parasite Cleanses and The Energetics of Healing with Courtney Otten

This week on the Think Fit Be Fit podcast, Jennifer Schwartz and Angela DalMolin speak with Courtney Otten, an Integrative Health Practitioner and the creator of the Total Gut Reset, a 12-week course designed to guide individuals through the process of parasite cleansing with support and education. Courtney discusses the importance of parasite cleansing and the impact it can have on overall health and fitness. She talks about the connection between physical and energetic health, and how parasite cleanses can support deeper cellular health. Jenn, Angela, and Courtney take a look at the body's drainage pathways, particularly the lymphatic system, and the necessity of proper waste elimination for overall vitality. 

Topics discussed:

  • Regular parasite cleansing is ESSENTIAL for health maintenance, to cleanse one to three times a year.
  • A well-functioning drainage system, including regular bowel movements and an active lymphatic system, is key to effective detoxification.
  • Parasites can encase themselves in biofilms, contributing to health issues that require targeted approaches to address.
  • The energetic connection between gut health and emotional well-being
  • CellCore protocols: an alternative to traditional parasite cleanses, supporting deeper cellular health without severe reactions.


Jennifer Schwartz:

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Courtney Otten:

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