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Rick Merriam discusses Movement Economy and the Feet

Rick Merriam discusses Movement Economy and the Feet

Lab of Us ep. 25

Finding the sweet spot for running and enjoying your movement is worth an inside look at how the feet contribute to strength, force absorption and running with natural confidence.

Rick Merriam has spent years educating runners on how to compete and have fun without pain.  He is a seasoned massage therapist, professor of anatomy and kinesiology and has his own podcast, Engaging Muscles podcast.  In his 25 year career, he has experience working as a biomechanics based massage therapist including work at ESPN, overcoming his own back pain and shares some stories from working with a high performance running shoe store.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Running economy starts from the bottom up
  • The mechanics and how our joints move when running
  • How shoes and cleats can ruin foot strength
  • The mechanics of natural gait and shoes

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