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Self-Care on Think Fit. Be Fit.

Self-Care on Think Fit. Be Fit.

In this episode of Think Fit Be Fit, we revisit episodes from Season 5 that focused on embracing the big picture of changing our self-care mentality. Jenn has conversations with industry professionals about the physical education system, the connection between mental health and digestive health, acupuncture, quality sleep and how to get it, microdosing, and holistic dentistry. You will hear highlights from discussions that explore what holistic recovery looks like, how to navigate transitions in life better, and the restorative properties of sleep.

Topics discussed:

  • Physical Ed and resources for young athletes that provide long-term pathways for healthy habits
  • The connection between mental health and digestive health
  • Finding love and nourishment outside of food
  • Microdosing: Mushrooms and the default mode network
  • The connections between neuromuscular performance, the mouth, and thyroid function
  • Lifestyle Medicine as part of a coaching program to help you navigate difficult life transitions
  • Chinese Medicine and how food is the foundation of nutrition and wellness
  • The restorative properties of sleep

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