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Single Joint vs Multiple Joint Exercises

Single Joint vs Multiple Joint Exercises

In this episode of Peach Pit Fitness, Jenn and Meredith break down the current conversation comparing multi-joint and single-joint exercises. They discuss muscle memory and the variety of complex definitions behind the term. They talk about assumptions that are coming from social media and the importance of understanding the purpose of individual exercises for your body.

Jenn and Meredith also have a conversation about the evolution of fitness and the cultural awareness of body types and body shapes from the 90’s, up until today.

Topics discussed:

  • Multi-joint vs. Single joint exercise
  • Movement patterns
  • Physical changes you can see vs. what is actually happening in the body
  • Muscle memory
  • Analyzing the purpose of an exercise for you
  • How the perception of bodies and fitness has changed over time

Click Below to view videos Jenn and Meredith discuss in this episode:

Single Joint vs. Compound (Multi) Joint Exercise (Which Works Better to Build Muscle?)

Functional Exercise

Developing Greater Movement


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