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The 3 Pillars at Impact Your Fitness Studio and How They Transform Health

The 3 Pillars at Impact Your Fitness Studio and How They Transform Health

This week's episode Jennifer and Angela explore the three pillars that are at the core of the Impact Your Fitness Studio philosophy: cellular health, rehab fitness, and exercise.

They discuss the various technologies and techniques they offer, such as red light therapy, normatec compression, molecular hydrogen, and Dr. Tennant's Senergy protocols. They also introduce their new electrical stimulation (INS) rehab program and medical-grade fitness equipment. With a focus on empowerment and personalized approaches, this episode offers a glimpse into the innovative and effective methods used at the Impact Your Fitness studio.

Topics discussed:

  • Impact Your Fitness has expanded their facility with a focus on optimizing joint health and increasing vitality through innovative technology and expertise.
  • The fundamental pillars of their offerings include cellular health, neuromuscular rehab, and medical-grade fitness equipment, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to wellness.
  • Red light therapy, Normatec compression, and molecular hydrogen therapy are key tools in promoting cellular health and recovery for individuals.
  • The NeuX NX Pro Rehab Program revolutionizes how individuals approach injury recovery and rehab, providing rapid and tangible results.
  • How Muscle Activation Techniques™ is the foundation for this boutique studio.
  • The fitness pillar, powered by Keiser fitness air pneumatic resistance equipment, promises to deliver precise and controlled strength training programs.

If you're feeling frustrated with your progress in rehab and fitness, despite trying personal training, physical therapy, and various exercise programs, then you are not alone! Many individuals find themselves stuck in a cycle of confusion, disappointment, and limited results, unsure of how to achieve the precise rehab and fitness outcomes they desire.

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The resources mentioned in this episode are: