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The Direct Current Experience: How NeuX Differs from Tens

The Direct Current Experience: How NeuX Differs from Tens

In this episode of the Impact Your Fitness podcast, host Jenn Schwartz and rehabilitative specialist Liz Achin explore the differences between traditional TENS units and the advanced NeuX Pro. They shed light on how this technology rewires muscle and nerve communication for pain-free movement and share personal experiences her clients have had using the NeuX, highlighting the technology’s role in accelerated learning and increased mobility. Listen this week to learn how the NeuX Pro could revolutionize your workout and recovery routines.

NeuX Pro

Topics discussed:

  • Enhanced Muscle Activation: The NeuX Pro aids in muscle activation and re-establishing brain-to-muscle communication.
  • Comparison with TENS: Unlike TENS units that cause uncomfortable involuntary contractions, the NeuX Pro provides a more harmonious and effective muscle stimulation experience.
  • Rehabilitation and Performance: The NeuX Pro helps increase strength, stability, and control, making it an invaluable tool for rehabilitation and performance enhancement.
  • Client Experiences: Success stories resulting from using the NeuX Pro.

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