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The Turkish Get-Up: Is it worth it?featuring Nikki Naab Levy

The Turkish Get-Up: Is it worth it?featuring Nikki Naab Levy

In this month's episode of  Peach Pit Fitness podcast, Meredith and Jennifer talk about Turkish Get Ups and unpack many of the assumptions surrounding them. They discuss the current kettlebell training industry, the origins of the Turkish Get Up, and the limitations of using one exercise movement to achieve your strength and fitness goals.

Nikki shares why she teaches Turkish Get Ups, the benefits of utilizing them in warm-ups, and why they are great for specific clients.

Topics discussed:

  • Origins of the Turkish Get Up
  • What are the benefits of a TGU?
  • Art & TGU
  • Why Nicki Naab Levy teaches the TGU
  • Eccentric loading
  • Advertising the TGU
  • Jennifer’s personal experience with TGUs as a MAT specialist

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