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Unlocking Hormonal Imbalance with Emily Bruckner

Unlocking Hormonal Imbalance with Emily Bruckner

This week on the Think Fit Be Fit podcast Jenn Schwartz and Angela DaMolin talk with Emily Bruckner, a certified health coach and host of the Hot Healed Girl Podcast. Emily explains how hormones can be affected by various factors, including stress, nutrition, and emotional well-being. She emphasizes the need for a holistic approach to hormone balance and why it is important to address emotional healing alongside nutritional healing. Emily also introduces the concept of mind-body-spirit release (MBSR), a technique that combines muscle testing and energy clearing to release trapped emotions and promote healing. Jenn, Angela, and Emily discuss the menstrual cycle and the importance of cycle syncing, where women align their lifestyle choices with their hormonal phases to optimize their health and well-being. 

Topics discussed:

  • The complexity of the body and the importance of hormones
  • What is MBSR?
  • Liver support for hormone processing and elimination
  • The reductionist mindset and its impact on hormone balance
  • What is the luteal phase?
  • Castor oil packs and Tudca as affordable liver support options
  • Where to find Emily Joy Wellness

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