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Virtual Training and Cueing with Substance ft. Dr. Paul Juris

Virtual Training and Cueing with Substance ft. Dr. Paul Juris

“Cueing is the substance of our message” Nick Winkleman PhD

Trainers, athletes, therapists and coaches- has this EVER been more true?

Cueing may be one of the most underrated skillsets that get developed by fitness professionals.  There is an art attached to cueing and choosing the substance of our words that is aligned to improving every aspect of performance- speed, autonomic nervous system, efficiency and strength.  

Virtual fitness might be a part of the new norm.  Interacting online when it comes to movement might be the necessary inconvenience that will make you a better trainer and mover.  Join Jenn on this episode for a perspective on learning the art of cueing for fitness, athletic coaching and therapeutic exercise.

This episode highlights a special guest, Dr. Paul Juris Ed.D.  He is a noted kinesiologist specializing in education, motor skill development, sports performance enhancement, rehabilitation, and intuitive program development. He has also provided extensive sports development, rehabilitation, and educational consulting for organizations including the NBA, NHL, USTA, US Cycling Federation, the PGA, and US Equestrian Team.  Paul was previously Vice President, Science and Education, at PGA Kinematics Lab. He served as Director of the Equinox Fitness Training Institute

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