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Wear and Repair: 7 Ways We Improve Arthritis in Our Clients

Wear and Repair: 7 Ways We Improve Arthritis in Our Clients

In this episode of the Impact Your Fitness podcast, host Jenn Schwartz looks at the revolutionary methods that can reverse arthritis naturally. Using advanced techniques such as muscle activation, microcurrents, and molecular hydrogen, Jennifer and her team at Impact Your Fitness help clients reduce inflammation, enhance mobility, and promote cellular regeneration. Listen this week as Jenn shares strategies that can help anyone looking to alleviate arthritis symptoms without surgery or drugs. 

Topics discussed:

  •  Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT): Implementing MAT can optimize the musculoskeletal system, reduce pain and inflammation, and improve neural communication, thereby supporting joint health.
  • Senergy Health System: Utilizing microcurrents and scalar energy to improve cellular voltage and overall health, promoting natural healing from within.
  • Molecular Hydrogen: Incorporating molecular hydrogen to target free radicals, reduce oxidative stress, and create a conducive environment for joint lubrication and repair.
  • Lifestyle Adjustments: Emphasizing the importance of circadian rhythm, proper diet, and movement to support metabolic health and combat arthritis symptoms.
  • Advanced Electrical Stimulation: Using specialized technology to strengthen muscles and enhance joint stability, thereby reducing chronic inflammation and promoting new tissue growth.

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