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What weak hamstrings really need

The answer? Knowing what you are challenging and why.
It’s typical to get hamstring exercises from your PT or sports cross-training plan, but these exercises are usually non-specific and assume that all cases of hamstring weakness are the same…they’re not!

If you are:

  1. An athlete of any type.
  2. Suffering from a history of knee or lower back and hamstring injury.
  3. Someone who is lacking quality in their hamstring strengthening.
  4. Anyone who wants a deeper connection with their muscles and strength training, strengthen your WHY.

This is the podcast for you.

Did you know that healthy, strong hamstrings are supportive of your knee function? You don’t need to suffer from weak hamstrings, simply educating yourself on your body and integrating knowledge with how your body works will help shift your health and muscle connectivity - making living in your body a blissful experience.

In this episode we’ll discuss:

  • Insider exercise science knowledge about hamstrings function that help our overall movement.
  • The five different types of hamstring weakness.
  • How I analyze different types of hamstring weakness.
  • What dysfunctional hamstrings feel like.

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