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Wild Health Diagnostics: Bridging the Gap Between Medicine, DNA and Personalized Health

Wild Health Diagnostics: Bridging the Gap Between Medicine, DNA and Personalized Health

This week on the Think Fit Be Fit podcast, Jennifer Schwartz and Angela DalMolin invite Dr. Matt Dawson of Wild Health Diagnostics to discuss the intersection of health, fitness, and cutting-edge technology. Jenn, Angela, and Dr. Dawson discuss the future of medicine, the power of personalized health optimization, and the importance of motivation in achieving optimal results. Dr. Dawson shares his insights on the role of technology and the need for a holistic approach to healthcare. He also touches on the benefits of coaching and accountability in achieving long-term health goals.

Topics discussed:

  • Wild Health leverages an individual's DNA, lifestyle data, and AI analytics to personalize health optimization.
  • The company aims to reconnect people with ancient wellness wisdoms while utilizing the latest in health technology.
  • Motivation is a critical factor in achieving significant health outcomes through personalized health plans.
  • Wild Health's upcoming AI app aims to further democratize health optimization by providing personalized advice based on comprehensive personal data.
  • The Think Fit Be Fit podcast focuses on empowering listeners with knowledge and critical thinking to take control of their fitness and health.

Wild Health is offering our listeners a discount code for 20% off a subscription WH20 f to their Precision Health services:

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