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Arash Ranjbaran on Biohackers & The Neuromuscular System

Arash Ranjbaran on Biohackers & The Neuromuscular System

If scientists can measure 9800 plus molecular interactions during a single bout of exercise, don’t we want to know how to retain and enhance that capability?

Muscle health is not often sought after, but Jenn and her guest Arash Ranjbaran of the Athletic Training Institute in Bellevue Washington explore why this is and some of the healing and performance factors in the neuromuscular system.

Arash (AJ) even discusses the neuromuscular system as a programming language, truly fascinating!


  • Concepts on various functions of the neuromuscular system
  • Muscle Activation Techniques Rx
  • Injury physiology
  • AJ's perspective on muscles and injury as a professional MMA coach and conditioning expert.
  • What biohackers get wrong about muscles and shoulders

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HOST can be found at:

Jennifer Schwartz



Arash Ranjbaran aka AJ


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