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Arash Ranjbaran on Concussions and Training Design for Fighters

Arash Ranjbaran on Concussions and Training Design for Fighters

What happens when an Athletic Trainer realizes concussion protocols and muscle system care is extremely outdated in fighting sports?  They innovate from their experience, knowledge base, ask questions to find a new path forward.  

This episode might be short but it deserves to be on it’s own because Jenn and Arash Ranjbaran (AJ) of The Athletic Training Institute discuss the very important topic of concussions and fighter specific implications.  

Topics of discussion:

Mechanics and power for Hitting, pushing and throwing

Commentary on designing programs for fighters

Concussive effects, monitoring and fighting

Examples of cognitive loading

Efficiency factors when training for speed

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HOST can be found at:

Jennifer Schwartz



Arash Ranjbaran aka AJ


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