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Core Training Myths and Processed Information

Core Training Myths and Processed Information

Fitness as the majority understands it seems like a long list of buzzwords topped with a shiny abdominal workout.  There is no substance nor sustenance in the long list of ‘ab’ exercises. These lists of ‘good-for-you’ abdominal exercises serve as processed information that accommodates individuals with little body knowledge, chronic pain or low self esteem.  Seriously, this is what society calls exercise instruction.  

“Like ultra-processed food, ultra-processed information is ubiquitous, cheap, formulated for compulsive consumption, and dangerous in large quantities.
Unlike ultra-processed food, which is produced *by* companies *for* us, ultra-processed information is produced collectively.”
“There are three essential elements of ultra-processed information, like the fat, salt, and sugar of highly palatable food:

Alan Levinovitz


Levinovitz is a religion professor at James Madison University and is now one of my heroes for helping me see a mission in fitness education.  On my part I would like to stop cringing when I think of the Youtube bro sharing his tips as my ‘colleague’ and rather continue to step up by publishing REAL conversations about exercise. (See ThinkFitBeFit network)

Here is the processed information breakdown of core training:

Simplification: This is the best abdominal exercise!

Demonization:  crunches are bad for your back, they cause compression

Belonging: my credentials are in my six pack abdominals or a carrot stick that you too can attain this low body fat with these 6 ‘must have’ exercises

Outside of the Think Fit. Be Fit. Network substance and sustenance are missing from almost all conversations about exercise and fitness.

Substance is a physical matter. If substance is to be discussed then we are using physics, gravity or mechanics to support our positions. Sustenance is something that provides nourishment and support.

Sustenance within the exercise scope requires perspective and an open mind, which is a rarity in the cash hungry fitness industry where it is more common to deny clients such things.

Fitness has been oversimplified for too long. It’s my belief that this simple view of exercise has created a huge missed opportunity cost.  Besides listening to this episode, Core Training Myths, it’s also very important that we all aspire to not take real nuanced conversations and turn them into sound bytes.  

The lens in which we see fitness and health is important because any of our perspectives can hold us back or move us forward.

These myths have been shared and accepted as fact for years.   You can download or listen from any podcast player.