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Are you ready for the Fitness For Consumption season 3 recap episode?

Are you ready for the Fitness For Consumption season 3 recap episode?

We're about to end an other season of Fitness for Consumption and we're excited to round up the valuable information shared by our hosts, GG and PJ, and their esteemed guests.

The team at Fitness For Consumption works hard to help us develop an understanding of essential fitness concepts and highly complex issues.
Their content cracks the structure of many fitness gurus that trap their audience into a dogmatic belief. At Think Fit. Be Fit. our take is to have discussions on HOW to think and go through the material ourselves to formulate our own opinions about the many varieties of fitness.

Essential Fitness Concepts:
If you have heard the term Motor Skill and think it's the same thing as muscle memory - start at episode 1 of this season, Flick of the Wrist. What is it exactly, and how does it relate to the exercises we do in the gym?  Is an exercise, in fact, a skill, or the thing we do to develop skills?

Next up is the practical ideas and scenarios in Speed Bumps with David Behm around cueing and cognitive loading. What’s slippery, sloping and jolting? If you think it relates to one of the most difficult things to do in sports, you might be right.  Once again, the team is joined by our friend and esteemed colleague, Dr. David Behm, who shares his insights into what constitutes the hardest skill in sports.

Another mention for the Essential Fitness Concepts: psychological substrates, emotional substrates in training: Check out the In The Flow episode with Dr. Susan Sotir.

Highly Complex Issues

These include the following topics:

-Economy of Effort and Movement Efficiency: The Forest Through The Trees
-The abstract thought process of using exercise and whole/part practice: The Whole Truth
-The Fine Print: The Fine Print: Fear of Shear

In the Recap episode we will run through all of these episodes and you'll hear from a very special guest, Michelle Amore on wrapping up the conversation on the most difficult task in sports. Stay tuned!

In other news, we have some new giveaways on Instagram coming up!  Please don't miss the action!

STAY TUNED for our Recap episode on the network feed!