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Dr Stephanie Johnson talks about Yoga and Self Transformation

Dr Stephanie Johnson talks about Yoga and Self Transformation

Self transformation is beyond self awareness.  It is a reshaping of perception while being in ownership and abundant energy.  Do you want to know how a professional approaches this process?  This episode is a transparent view of helping oneself through a course of trusting the process.

Dr. Stephanie Johnson DC is not only a chiropractor, ART Practitioner and business owner.  She is also an avid yoga teacher and student.   Jenn and Stephanie discuss her experience with yoga with a yoga article that has made a big impact on her practice as well as their experience in COVID quarantine.

"At any instant, the quality of your life is directly related to how interested you are in it." 🙏
-Joel Kramer

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Download,- Yoga as Self Transformation by Joel Kramer


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