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From the Inside Out: Boosting Joint Health with Smart Exercise Design

From the Inside Out: Boosting Joint Health with Smart Exercise Design

This week on the Impact Your Fitness podcast, Jennifer Schwartz talks about joint wear patterns and their implications on our overall health. She explores the intricate workings of bones, soft tissues, muscles, and ligaments inside our joints. Jenn also discusses the complexities of joint wear patterns and shares how you can program for better joint health.

“Respecting the body basically will get us much further and further in longevity, in the pursuit of longevity than the more is better and no pain, no gain conversations in exercise.”

Topics discussed:

  • Joint management and joint stabilization
  • Moving from a superficial perspective of the body to a perspective that respects the body
  • How do we get the total function of our joints, even though they do have wear-down patterns in them?
  • Nerve and ligament repair

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