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Gregory Charlop MD on Retired Athlete Health and The Women's Sports Forum

Gregory Charlop MD on Retired Athlete Health and The Women's Sports Forum

Gregory Charlop MD is a Stanford and UCLA trained anesthesiologist that followed his passion for wellness into telemedicine.  His practice is dedicated to anti-aging medicine and the medical wellbeing of retired athletes.

Jennifer and Gregory discussed his the many facets of health in women’s sports, high school athletes and retired athlete health.

Dr. Greg even shares tips on anti-aging medicine from his book, Why Doctors Skip Breakfast. .

Topics discussed:

Women’s Sports Forum

Female athletes and health issues

Mental health and athletes

Retired athlete health

Anti-aging medicine

“Why Doctor’s Skip Breakfast” by Gregory Charlop, MD

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Women's Sports Forum JUNE 17, 2021

Why Doctors Skip Breakfast on Amazon