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Kori Reigel DPT on Physical Therapy in an Energetic Matrix

Kori Reigel DPT on Physical Therapy in an Energetic Matrix

Holistic Health and Fitness ep. 3

Physical Therapy within an energetic matrix is how Kori Reigel DPT of One2One Physical Therapy integrates healing for injuries, pain and bringing balance to the entire body. Kori and Jenn discuss how Biofield tuning can turn on your inner compass and help your body heal from injury and pain.

When we are healthy and without injury we can use energetic sound healing (in the Biofield) to know how hard to push our bodies and provide equilibrium for recovery.

Kori is a graduate of University of Delaware and Neumann University (DPT).  Kori was a Division 1 Volleyball player at Delaware.  As an integrative therapist Kori uses multiple techniques to help her patients and athletes, and she tells us how she uses Biofield Tuning to facilitate healing across many types of cases.  She is also trained in Postural Restoration Institute methods and Cranio-sacral therapy.  Read more about her here.

Topics discussed:

  • the magnetic energy field around all of us
  • how the body gives us feedback in the energetic or electrical matrix
  • muscles adhesions and integrative PT
  • how grounding can help whole body fitness
  • stress and pain during COVID
  • a cost effective sound healing solution for the collective
  • a bigger picture of muscle imbalances
  • mindfulness and internal performance

Links of interest:

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Jenn's practice in Alexandria Virginia- Holistic injury care and performance wellness

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