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Lee Zuniss on Personal Life Coaching and Microdosing

Lee Zuniss on Personal Life Coaching and Microdosing

In this episode of Think Fit Be Fit, Jenn talks with Lee Zuniss, a Professional Coach that helps people achieve the changes they want to see and create more peace in their lives. Lee shares how microdosing works in the brain and body and shares how he integrated it into his coaching. Lee discusses the potential risks of microdosing and the importance of seeking out a protocol on how to microdose in a way that is beneficial to you.

Lee also talks about the growth and freedom he has witnessed in his clients that microdose and the peace they are experiencing in their lives.

Topics discussed:

  • The difference between a coach and other types of health professionals
  • The value of championing and celebrating each other
  • Microdosing and coaching
  • Macrodosing vs. Microdosing
  • Mushrooms and the default mode network
  • The benefits of mushrooms
  • Turning down the volume of the inner critic with meditation and microdosing

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Lee’s favorite way to share more about his services is through a free consultation.  You can sign up for a video or phone call on his website at or find him on Instagram or Facebook.

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