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Mariska Breland, Tara Becker and Jenn on Pull-ups, Pilates, Strength Training and the Fuse Ladder

Mariska Breland, Tara Becker and Jenn on Pull-ups, Pilates, Strength Training and the Fuse Ladder

Lab of us ep 26

This episode was originally inspired by the Fuse Ladder and how much we use it in the Alexandria studio, Impact Your Fitness.  Mariska Breland, the creator of the Fuse Ladder, a patented 8 in 1 fitness apparatus, sat down with Jenn and Tara to discuss all of our favorite things about the Fuse Ladder.

There are so many important topics brought up in this conversation between three women who view strength as more important than correct form and looking pretty in yoga poses.  If you’re a trainer or rehab professional, you’ll hear from a leader in fitness for neurological conditions and if you want to upgrade your studio or home gym for distanced sessions, this episode will give you an opportunity to learn more about how Jenn and Mariska have been thriving with the Fuse Ladder.

A little bit about our guest and co-host:

After overcoming MS and multiple injuries, Mariska had to swap running for pilates and yoga. She had been teaching since 2003, but her signature style, Fuse Pilates, was coined in 2005. Despite her background in neuroscience and passion for neuro physical therapy, life continued to push Mariska towards fitness and changing people’s lives in the pilates scene.  Her favorite workouts combine gymnastics, strength training, and pilates. She also swears by using the Fuse Ladder!

Tara began teaching Pilates mat classes in 2012 and completed her comprehensive apparatus training through Power Pilates in the summer of 2016. Ever the student, she still takes weekly lessons with senior teachers, and has attended continuing education workshops with Anula Maiberg, Andrea Maida, Benjamin Degenhardt, Blossom Crawford, and Bob Liekens, among others.  Also an avid yogini, Tara completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Tranquil Space (now YogaWorks) in 2018 and is a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance and is known for her warm and playful nature.

Topics discussed:

  • Limitations of yoga and pilates for improving bone health, posture and overall strength
  • Avoiding injury as a yogi
  • Utilizing the ladder for power, flexibility & corrective exercise
  • Feeling empowered by pull ups
  • Not allowing medical status or age determine your fitness level
  • Using this as a pilates system and a fitness system
  • Working with spring tension vs other types of resistance
  • Misconceptions about balance training
  • Working online and growing a training business

Check out our guest and co-host:

Jenn's practice in Alexandria Virginia- Holistic injury care and performance wellness

Jenn's instagram and twitter

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