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Shirley Archer JD, MA on Mindful Presence with Exercise and Being an Evidence Based Thought Leader

Shirley Archer JD, MA on Mindful Presence with Exercise and Being an Evidence Based Thought Leader

Exercise Science Insider ep 16

What can you integrate in 10 minutes to change your health and improve your immune system? Being mindful and present for 10 minutes a day can actualize all the things we want from exercise!

Mindfulness is much more than sitting still.  It’s a way to self lead and become your strongest self.

While we can appreciate that science is catching up to the ancient wisdom of mindfulness, pop fitness culture tends to run away with these terms without taking a moment to study its origins nor proven integration techniques.

Today’s guest is an evidence based thought leader in integrating mind-body wellness and has even been at the academic forefront in promoting the health benefits of ancient wisdom for a modern life.   Shirley Archer is an Integrative health thought leader that is internationally recognized and a best selling author.

Topics covered:

  • Eastern wisdom and evidence based
  • Opportunist and vanity marketing and how it has harmed the wellness and fitness marketplace
  • Mental hygiene and mindfulness
  • Present based exercises
  • The resilience of the human body

Shirley Archer, a graduate of Stanford University, Harvard University and Georgetown University Law Center, is an integrative health promoter and advocate, best-selling author of 16 books, award-winning fitness industry leader and health journalist, with over 25 years experience in mind-body holistic health and wellness. She's a former New York City attorney turned full-time integrative health advocate, meditation teacher, public speaker, author and yogini. Through her live younger blog, over 1,000 magazine articles, books, podcasts and videos, Shirley inspires people worldwide to take personal responsibility for creating optimal health and longevity through a mindful approach to healthy living along with simple to apply tips based on Eastern wisdom and evidence-based information.

Links of interest:

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Jenn's practice in Alexandria Virginia- Holistic injury care and performance wellness

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