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The Enhanced Home Fitness Solution

The Enhanced Home Fitness Solution

Being decisive and creative was a necessity during the recent global events that have changed the world.

Helping my listeners and community build an effective home exercise experience has enabled me to learn so much. More unfolds everyday.

There are 2 podcast episodes that highlight this journey and how we apply exercise mechanics with our clients using bands.

If you’re curious about making your time exercising count, I’m guessing that you now view bodyweight and band exercise choices in a new light. Being without my favorite gym equipment has certainly given me a new respect for using them. I used to be very quick to judge home exercise as simply convenient, maybe even lazy! Ouch- so guilty of being an exercise snob.

I always knew I wanted Ed on the podcast. When covid hit we spent a lot of time on the phone and texting thinking of ways we can help our clients.

Our goal with these conversations and our podcast episodes was to share some technical exercise information, how to enhance basic exercises and thoughts on building that experience

This is an ongoing project for Think Fit. Be Fit. as we believe our community's exercise is about personal growth and getting stronger despite complicated circumstances.

In these episodes we introduced one of my favorite exercise mechanics concepts, Strategic Variation™.  Strategic Variation™ is a concept of Tom Purvis’s and is the key to mastering the exercise experience and includes viewing exercise with forces in mind rather than allegiance to it being great.  I believe it is a guide to exploration in exercise. Even more important it is the ability to change wear patterns.  

Here is where we left off on part 1:

Here’s the details of our continued conversation (June 10):

Description of bands and their range (plastic vs elastic)

  • Each piece of tubing or band should have 2 ranges:
  • Plastic is not meant to stretch (if it does, it breaks!)
  • Elastic is the working range, your ‘challenge range’ hopefully!
  • Example of how a tubing workout is different from a TRX workout
  • How this thought process works with a chest exercise in a door frame
  • Band/tubing placements and considerations for purchasing
  • Items that broaden your elastic tubing choices
  • Attachments and doubling up the bands
  • Create a new resistance profile with 2 or 3 bands or tubing again
  • (in my training set ups there had to a station for each player in groups of 4, so the loop band could go around their hips, be held in their hand, around the shoulder or waist, there’s a lot of possibilities with a mindset of creativity and this knowledge of band mechanics)

Strategic Variation™ is a part of this conversation because of these truths in physics and exercise:

  • All exercises have an element of gravity
  • There is always a degree of compression (things being pushed together)
  • Shear is a big part of exercise - it happens at every joint and we need to account for it!

Give yourself the opportunity to experience all types of exercise- pulling you up away from the earth as well as compressing you into the earth to enhance gravity and give your muscles the opportunity to work hard!