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The Fitness Ecosystem

The Fitness Ecosystem
Dr. Juris and Gregory continue the exploration of fitness with an insightful discussion of how we solve movement problems, and how we structure our workouts and programs to produce specific, goal-oriented, adaptations. They wrap things up by suggesting that the best fitness outcomes are the product of an inclusive, holistic, fitness ecosystem.

In our previous episode we introduced a new definition of fitness and its constituent parts.  We established that an exercise is essentially a physical problem.  In this episode we look at the other half of the equation; if we’ve got problems, we’re going to need solutions.  Those start with the concept of substrates and why developing them is so critical to our goals.

From there, we look at how developing substrates leads to creating system wide adaptations.  Once we’ve adapted, what’s next?   Do we want to set up exercise scenarios where we meet the challenges perfectly or create a specific overload?   Where does variety in our exercise program come in?  Should we employ a “muscle confusion” strategy?  Dr. J and GG discuss an alternative approach to maximizing your fitness potential; creating your own fitness Eco-System.  What’s inside the Eco-System?  Listen to find out!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Components of a fitness solution
  • Improving fitness through adaptation
  • The first thing you should ask a client before starting any exercise
  • Risks and benefits of movement problem-solving
  • Building your fitness eco-system


Fitness eco-system - A multi mode and discipline approach to exercise in which all interventions are considered as tools which can then be used in a strategic way to cultivate substrate development

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