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Core Training with the Core Restore Training System™

Core Training with the Core Restore Training System™

One of the big myths in core training is that one muscle is more important than the other.

For example: videos that claim you must do leg lifts to strengthen your ‘lower abs’ or therapeutically releasing the psoas to help back pain are simply not accurate.

Christopher Verdi, the inventor of Core Restore Training System™ talks with Jenn to break down this myth and they share their perspectives for challenging the core muscles in an effective way.

Chris's truly unique training system has the ability to challenge muscles in a 360 degrees set up and decrease recovery time for athletes and those with chronic tightness alike.

Check out Chris and The Core Restore on instagram, YouTube and if you are interested in purchasing a CRTS™ reach out to


Development of core muscles after spinal fusion

What muscles are included in the Core

Core training myth revisited: no one more muscle is more important than the other

The transition from MAT to exercise and core exercise

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Jennifer Schwartz



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