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From Injury to Arthritis: Navigating the Long-Term Effects of Adolescent Sports Injuries

From Injury to Arthritis: Navigating the Long-Term Effects of Adolescent Sports Injuries

This week on the Impact Your Fitness podcast, Jenn discusses the impact of sports injuries, particularly PTOA (post-traumatic osteoarthritis) on fitness. She shares insights from today’s research and emphasizes the importance of exercise therapy in managing joint health and reducing the risk of OA development. She also explores how chronic pain and poor muscle function can age the body and strength training can improve muscle mass and quality of life.

Tune in for a fun and informative journey toward a healthier you!

Topics discussed:

  • What is PT OOA?
  • Risk factors for OA development
  • Why exercise and strength training are critical in managing joint health after traumatic injuries and surgeries
  • The benefits of isometric and controlled training

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