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The Enhanced Home Fitness Solution with Ed Morand pt 2

The Enhanced Home Fitness Solution with Ed Morand pt 2

Lab of You ep 23

Being decisive and creative was a necessity during the recent global events that have changed the world.

This episode is all about building an effective home exercise experience by sharing exercise mechanics knowledge. This is an ongoing project for Think Fit. Be Fit. as we believe our community's exercise is about personal growth and getting stronger despite complicated circumstances.

Jenn and Ed have over 35 years of experience as exercise professionals and now rely mostly on bands and bodyweight exercises because they had to be physically distanced from their well equipped studios. This episode is here for you to learn their tricks!

The funny thing about body weight exercises and bands is that most of us used them out of convenience but without access to gyms we are now using bands and body weight exercises with unfortunate urgency and necessity.

Broadening your understanding of the technical parts of the bands is easy to do!  Just listen to our podcast, take notes, experiment with Strategic Variation™ and, as always, get in touch if you need more guidance.

Here’s the breakdown of the discussion:

  • A real physical education includes not only understanding some of the biology and physiology but also the mechanics of exercise.
  • Tools for success are better than allegiance to an exercise
  • Technical aspect of bands and their range (plastic vs elastic)
  • Learn about the different ranges and ways to replicate your cable routine with bands.
  • Band placements and considerations for purchasing
  • Methods for broadening your choices
  • The importance of bone building with exercise
  • Strategic Variation™ considerations for bands
  • information on Ed's virtual HIT/Reformer class

Links of interest:

Part 1 of The Enhanced Home Fitness Solution

Strategic Variation™ by Tom Purvis

Get in touch with Ed:

Get in touch with Jenn:

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