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Four Reasons to Upgrade Your Exercise

Four Reasons to Upgrade Your Exercise

Lab of You ep 23

The exercise industry loves to talk about your goals, and losing weight, or celebrating a hot bod but no one is discussing the things that actually matter – the way we approach and think about exercise.

Most popular fitness models are built on straw man logic and binary thinking that focuses on unimportant knowledge.  In this solocast, Jennifer shares 4 reasons to upgrade your exercise because there is so much more to improving your body than what we’ve been led to believe.

She even shares an exciting announcement about her new co-hosts for season 4!

Topics covered:

  • Bypassing the benefits of exercise while you are out there ‘killing it’
  • The type of exercise that makes it harder to care for our joints
  • What is a healthy muscular system?
  • Attaining knowledge vs Applying knowledge
  • Season 4 announcement

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