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Key Power Points for Recovering from Joint Pain

Key Power Points for Recovering from Joint Pain

This week on the Impact Your Fitness podcast, Jennifer Schwartz discusses a key power point that can help you recover from joint pain with exercise and training. Many people get stuck in a cycle of pain, tightness, and confusion on how to exercise and be cleared by their doctor or physical therapist. Jenn shares how pain is made in the brain and discusses The Gate Control Theory of Pain which suggests pain signals can be modulated by sensory inputs and higher cognitive processes.

Gate Control Theory on Physiopedia

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Topics discussed:

  • Detaching from Pain and Accelerating Physical Potential
  • The Gate Control Theory of Pain
  • The Role of Thoughts, Emotions, and Attention in Pain Management
  • Exercise Prescription: A Bird's Eye View
  • The Science of Pain and Its Impact on Fitness

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